Rinker Surface Defense (Case of 12, 1000 Tablet Containers – 1 GM each)


Case of 12, 1000 Count each.

Each liter of water requires two 1gm tablets. For companies and businesses, a case of 12 1000 tablet containers is perfect for efficient quantity and cleaning.

The Sanifresh tablet was designed to effectively kill bacteria, microbes, odor, mold, mildew, algae, and allergens. It’s safe on all hard surfaces and leaves no residue. Odors are eliminated by being neutralized.

The leading ingredient is Chlorine Dioxide which makes it non-toxic towards children and pets. The powerful components of Rinker products make them beneficial during the pandemic and are scientifically proven by the EPA.

Providing the New Standard for Safer Living. Start living a clean, worry-free environment today.

Cleanbay Fresh Tablet SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

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